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We purchase direct from the factory so our pricing is hard to beat and all of our fixtures are backed by powerful warranties.

We have aligned ourselves with the best in the lighting manufacturing industry and we can source for any application.

Product Gallery

  • LED Street Lights

    Centaurus Series
    LED Street Lights

    • 30 Watt Replaceble Modules Simplify Maintenance

    • Unique Air-Cooling Heat Sink Structure

    • Structured LED Array For Optimized Roadway and Parking Areas Photometric Distribution

    • Utilizes High Brightness LEDs > 70 CRI @ 5,000° K

    • Light Weight But Rugged Aluminum Housing

    • -90° To ~ +90° Vertical Angle Adjustable For Easy Retrofit Onto Existing Mounting Systems

    • IP65 All Weather Design, Including an Anti-Corrosion Coating On All Exposed Surfaces

    • System Rating Is 50,000 hrs @ L70 (70% Lumen Maintenance)

    • 5-Year Limited Warranty

  • LED Emergency Battery Back-Up

    Cobalt Series
    LED Emergency Battery Back-Up

    State-of-the-art battery conditioning system features microprocessor controlled digital charging technology that assures long life and dependable operation whenever called upon to provide emergency power in the event of loss of voltage to the troffer.

    Cobalt fixtures with integrated emergency battery back-up meet the requirements of UL924 as well as those of the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) and are included on the DLC Qualified Products List (QPL).

    Cobalt Series luminaires are available at 3,000°K, 3,500°K, 4,000°K and 5,000°K CCT.

  • LED Stairwell Fixture

    Athena Series
    LED Stairwell Fixture

    Reduces energy usage by 80% with self-contained battery back-up, motion sensors and wireless connectivity that automatically track occupancy so that lights are at full brightness only at levels above, below and directly at all occupied locations. At all other levels and when space is unoccupied, lighting is reduced to 20% of full illumination.

    UL 924 rated, NFPA compliant, FCC certified and in conformance with DOE rulings pertaining to ASHRAE 90.1-2010, Section Vandal-resistant construction, electroluminescent tape recharge capability.

    Find out just how much money your facility can save by switching to LED lighting in your stairwells by using our LED Savings Calculator.

  • LED High Bay

    Cronus Series
    LED High Bay

    Cronus Series LED Compact High Bay Fixtures, designed as replacements for 250 Watt through 400 Watt Metal Halide, HID and 4 – 8 lamp T12 and T8 HIF high bay fixtures, are now DLC listed and eligible for utility rebates currently available in many locations.

    These eco-friendly, compact, durable and rugged lighting fixtures feature instant ON/OFF with bright, glare-free illumination and are guaranteed to operate for many years at a fraction of the power input of the fixtures they replace, without maintenance or the need to ever replace the light elements. They are currently available at input power levels of 100W, 120W, 150W and 180W.

  • LED Interior/Exterior Linear Fixture

    Poseidon Series
    LED Interior/Exterior Linear Fixture

    The Xeleum Poseidon Series of LED Fixtures is designed for both indoor and outdoor installations and is well suited where wide-angle illumination is desired.

    These fixtures are IP65 rated and are an ideal solution for both wet and dry locations ranging from parking garages, exterior hallways and basements to factory production areas, storage spaces and container terminal reefer towers with harsh port environments. They are available in lengths from 2 feet to 5 feet, CCT of 3000˚ K, 4,000˚ K and 5,000˚ K, with both surface mount and cable mount options.

  • LED Garage Lighting

    Artemis (XL) Series
    LED Garage Lighting

    Easiest to install and configure DLC certified wireless networked LED lighting fixture available anywhere.

    Built-in occupancy sensors and wireless mesh technology link multiple fixtures to illuminate a zone once occupancy is detected within the zone.

    For use in corridors, storage spaces, maintenance locations, garages and commercial rest rooms where the site is often unoccupied for long periods of time.

    Reduces energy usage up to 85% by providing fully ON light levels only when space is occupied. When unoccupied, field adjustable dim level settings of 20%, 50%, or fully OFF. Optional fully ON levels of 41 w/4,200 lm or 32 w/3,200 lm.

    4,000˚K CCT standard, 3,000˚K upon request. Battery back-up optional.

    Surface or chain mounted, UL 924 rated, FCC certified.